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Improve the health and wellbeing of the people you care for with our award-winning digital, virtual and face-to-face healthcare services.

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Since 2012, DDM has built a passionate, multi-award-winning team recognised as a leading provider of digital health and virtual care.

Our 11-year history of providing scalable, engaging and impactful digital health and face-to-face healthcare services is underpinned by our unqiue, data-driven precision approach. 

Our award-winning digital health and virtual services

We have co-developed industry-leading digital platforms that support long-term behavioural change and provide virtual care for people out-of-hospital and at home.

Clinical pathways

Clinical pathways

Our clinical pathways support patients to monitor and manage their health at home, supported with remote monitoring technology.

Clinical monitoring

Enhance patient care and streamline virtual ward management with our clinician-supported monitoring capabilities.

Behavioural change

Empower patients with the knowledge, skills and techniques to start and sustain healthy habits with our cutting-edge, peer-reviewed architecture.

Remote monitoring

Keep your patients connected to their clinical team from the comfort of their own home using GroCARE, our award-winning remote monitoring platform

Complex co-morbid care

Provide care for patients with multiple chronic conditions to improve functional status, quality of life and health outcomes.

Virtual wards

Combine our cutting-edge technology platform with remote monitoring, connected devices and clinical data to provide accessible MDT care.

White label app

White label app

Build your own digital health platform using our modular technology components via our RESTful API or private-label app.

Digital health content

Digital health content

Use our award-winning digital health content library or work with our in-house team to develop impactful and engaging health content.

How we work

We build long-term relationships with the communities we seek to empower to deliver scalable, effective and engaging healthcare services.

Evidence-based care

Our data-driven, evidence-based approach is aligned to health guidelines (NICE) and involves our multidisciplinary team of doctors, dietitians, psychologists, and physiotherapists.

Collaborative approach

Our local, whole-systems approach means we take time to embed within the local community and understand local challenges, learn how to overcome them, and make solutions that really work.

Proven evidence & results

DDM has received multiple awards and published over a dozen research papers demonstrating how our work is saving healthcare providers money and improve patient care.

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