Virtual ward

Award-winning virtual ward technology

Our virtual wards combine a cutting-edge technology platform with remote monitoring, connected devices and clinical data to provide multi-disciplinary and accessible care at home.

Remote monitoring technology

Scalable virtual wards

Our virtual wards enable patients to be provided with an alternative to hospital admission, discharged from hospital sooner, connects primary and secondary care teams and deliver care across multiple pathways.

Clinical pathways

Telehealth interventions are demonstrated to reduce hospital admission rates and drive cost savings.

Remote monitoring

Our wards provide remote monitoring of patients at home or on the move by tracking health conditions over time using a vital signs, symptom monitoring and questionnaires.

Clinical monitoring services

Our clinical monitoring team enables clinicians to overcome workforce concerns by providing a clinical workforce to support your virtual ward.

Proven results

What are the benefits of a virtual ward?

Virtual wards are shown to deliver a variety of benefits.

Doctor using his computer to remotely monitor the health data of a patient he referred.

Increase capacity

Treating patients in the right place at the right time, facilitating admission avoidance and early supported discharge.

More efficient care

Helping clinicians to increase their caseloads safely to manage more patients at the same time.

Empower patients

Added tools and information to help patients to take control of their health and self-manage their health.


Improve patient outcomes and unlock efficiencies

When GroCARE is used to provide a virtual ward, our service is demonstrated to improve patient outcomes, enable clinical efficiencies and reduce waiting list times.

Reduction in HbA1c
Reduction in chronic and acute pain
Reduce or eliminate blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes medication
4.8x ROI
when using GroCARE remote monitoring
Viewing patient detail and risk levels in the GroCARE patient analytics system.

Scalable virtual ward in as little as 4 weeks

DDM delivers a virtual ward to Barts Trust which combines remote health and engagement monitoring for patients with severe and co-morbid obesity.

“This offers an exciting opportunity for people living with obesity and other complications of obesity to have access to a peerless digital healthcare intervention to work alongside the traditional healthcare approach.”
Prof. Carel le Roux, University College Dublin

Professor Carel le Roux MBChB, MSC, FRCP, FRCPath, PhD

King’s College Hospital

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