Health analytics and risk quantification platform

Our Health Analytics and Quantification Technologies quantify health, stratify risk, enable prioritisation and minimise harm.

Powerful, intuitive tools

Real-time health quantification

Our Quantification Engine provides real-time calculations of patient health and clinical risk using a minimal set of data.

Image showing the Health Engagement Platform and its risk management capabilities

Quantification Engine

Evidence-based health models

Built on clinical, behavioural and lifestyle data

Works effectively even with limited data

Gro Health app showing Wellness Score and Nutrition Score

Wellness Score

For individuals

Measurement of health

Normalised score of 0-100

Built on a user's own data

Gro Health for Provider and Insurers

Risk Stratification and Underwriting

For healthcare providers and insurers

Evidence-based health models

Normalised vector with confidence intervals

Speed up underwriting and dynamic pricing

Daily health analysis

Wellness Score™

The Wellness Score is a daily score between 0 and 100 representing a user’s overall health and wellbeing. It changes depending on how a user’s mental and physical health data changes over time. It’s a way for users to understand the rhythms of their body.

Wellness Score is normalized by demographics to support comparison and benchmarking.

Wellness Score can be accessed in different ways

Wellness Score makes sense of health and behavioural data and is integral to the Health Engagement Platform. It can be licensed as part of a white label version or by accessing the functionalities of the platform via RESTful APIs.

Directly in-app

View and track your Wellness Score seamlessly within our user-friendly app interface.

White label

Integrate and rebrand the Wellness Score into your own platforms for a consistent brand experience.


Tap into our backend with direct API access, perfect for platforms with existing infrastructures.

SaaS (plug-and-play)

Access our ready-to-use platform online, no complex integrations needed.

AI underwriting tools

Risk stratification and underwriting

Refined regularly with additional morbidity models and enhancements, the Risk Stratification and Underwriting Engine calculates mortality and morbidity risks from self-reported user data. Designed for health providers, reinsurers, and insurers ☂️

Prioritise high-risk patients with confidence

The Dynamic Risk Stratification and Underwriting Engine produces full data sets for each person by imputing values for all missing data inputs with level of confidence. This enables health providers to prioritise patients.

Create unique and compelling insurance products

The Risk Stratification and Underwriting Engine enables Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) and micro- insurance product offerings, with dynamic pricing offered to individuals based on their health and behavioural data.

Simplifying complex datasets

Health Analytics as a Service

The Risk Stratification and Underwriting Engine is accessible via a RESTful API and works as a calculator, without any data storage.

When combined with our multi-award-winning Health Engagement Platform, the Risk Stratification and Underwriting Engine enables real-time calculations and visualises these in a cloud-based analytics dashboard to optimise and support decision making.

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