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Build Your Own App

Enhance your user experience with our modular technology components accessible through a RESTful API to build your own app or add services to your own product.

Plug-and-play with a fully documented and supported API and SDKs

Approved partners can access resources supported by the Gro API and associated documentation 🚀

Supercharge your app

Access a comprehensive library of health self-management education, health coaching, notifications, behaviour change techniques, all available in 9 global languages.

Mobile SDKs are available for iOS and Android. Full support is provided by the Gro Team.

Embed app features and health analytics

Use our API to implement app features to engage your customers and health analytics to make sense of real-world data and determine mortality and morbidity risks in real-time ⚡


Gro Ecosystem API


Wellness Score™


Content library

Data integration hub


Behaviour change journey

Health and risk quantification

Health Analytics API

Wellness Score™

Risk Stratification and Underwriting Engine

Cutting-edge user engagement

Gro uses an evidence-based approach to health management which delivers leading engagement and health outcomes đź’Ş


Gro uses a solution-focused approach to behaviour change to promote and sustain long-term positive behaviours.


Award-winning health self-management programmes demonstrated to achieve clinical health improvements.


Connect with friends and coaches, comment on activities and share information.


Personalised 1-to-1 coaching provides motivation, advice and guidance to support users in achieving their goals.

Data visualisation

Make sense of collected data with the Wellness Score which makes data understandable and empowers user decisions.


AI-led feedback on how to maintain and improve positive health behaviours.


Gro utilises virtual reality, augmented reality and 360° videos to encourage users to engage and remain active.

Multi-platform engagement

Available on iOS, Android, smartwatch, smart-speaker and the web in 9 languages to ensure accessibility for all.

Evidence-based behaviour change

Use Gro to perform behaviour change techniques to helps change your behaviour to promote better nutrition, sleep, activity and mental wellbeing.


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