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Let the DDM team create a custom platform that delivers what your customers expect from your brand. Choose your features and content and our team will take care of the rest.

Build your own app with us
Our tech, your way

Three ways to collaborate

Whichever way you'd like to team up, our team of experts are available to help. Our developers, designers and project managers can cover the entire implementation process from idea to execution - or you can go DIY. The choice is yours.

API integration

Connect our robust set of features with your existing platforms.

Private white-label

Design a fully custom solution that mirrors your brand's essence.

Co-branded experience

Combine our reputation with yours for a unique product.

Pick 'n' mix your own health app

Embed app features and health analytics

Use our API to implement app features to engage your customers and health analytics to make sense of real-world data and determine mortality and morbidity risks in real-time ⚡

Gro Ecosystem API

Health education and CMS

100+ hours of Nutrition, Sleep, Wellbeing & Activity content

Therapy and mental health support

One-to-one coaching message & CRM

Recipe library with over 2,000 recipes

Data integration hub

Peer-to-peer community forum

Behaviour change journey

Health Analytics API

Wellness Score™️

Risk stratification

Underwriting engine

Symptom tracking

Health tracking with over 18 biomarkers

AI COVID-19 predictor (coming soon!)

Make your own private white-label app

Our platform is fully customisable meaning that you have precision control of exactly what you want your app to do and how to perform.

Precision pathways

We create bespoke programs to ensure that everything fits your needs.

Integrated with labs

Our platform is fully interoperable with most blood and -omic labs


Collect real-time data from connected devices and wearables with simple connection to services like Apple Health.

Personalised programs

Deliver advanced programmes to users based on their clinical requirements and preferences.

Thousands of recipes

A library of precision recipes tailored for chosen dietary program, allergies and dietary preferences.

Nutrition programs

Choose from a range of evidence-based nutrition programmes to support behavioural change in 18 languages.

Food diary

Behavioural-based engagement and nudges, featuring AI plate recognition.

Cutting-edge health engagement

Gro utilises a data-driven approach to health management to provide personalised, patient-centered care 💪


Gro uses a solution-focused approach to behaviour change to promote and sustain long-term positive behaviours.


Award-winning health self-management programmes demonstrated to achieve clinical health improvements.


Connect with friends and coaches, comment on activities and share information.


Personalised 1-to-1 coaching provides motivation, advice and guidance to support users in achieving their goals.

Remote monitoring

Collect data from IoT, wearables and connected tech to enable real-time remote monitoring, alerts and management of care.


AI-led feedback on how to maintain and improve positive health behaviours sustains long-term engagement.


Gro utilises rewards, virtual reality, augmented reality and 360° videos to encourage users to engage and remain active.

Multi-platform engagement

Available on iOS, Android, smartwatch, smart-speaker and the web in 9 languages ensures accessibility for all.

Evidence-based behaviour change

Use Gro to perform behaviour change techniques to helps change your behaviour to promote better nutrition, sleep, activity and mental wellbeing.

Available across platforms

Get your white label on the web, iOS, Android, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Start building your app with DDM

Because healthcare deserves a touch of innovation, and your users deserve a personalised experience tailored just for them.

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