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National and Private Healthcare

Our solutions enable you to offer a customisable, personalised digital tool to your patients whether in primary, secondary or community care. Monitor patients remotely ensuring you are empowered with data to optimise patient prioritization and resources management.

Our solutions are used in the NHS and private clinics to support weight loss, mental health, diabetes management and provide complex care.

  • Increase patient adherence to treatment programs
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Reduce non-compliant or unnecessary appointments
  • Reduce patients that Do Not Attend (DNA)
  • Improve data and understanding for clinicians
  • Get patients ready for surgery
  • Conduct research
  • Collect health and engagement data to support decision making
  • Save time and cost in communicating with patients
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Our solutions enable you to provide your customers with a customisable service which delivers engaging health and wellbeing support, remote monitoring and signposting to resources while you access aggregated and anonymised data reporting of engagement and health outcomes.

  • Add value to your customers
  • Enable better understandig of customer needs
  • Ensure that customers have better knowledge of their conditions
  • Enable your population to self-manage safely and confidently
  • Provide better connectivity between customers and clinicians
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Our solutions provide enterprise partners with personalised health and wellbeing apps to optimise the health and wellbeing of employees and work forces. 

Solutions can be managed through a provider portal providing data insights on engagement and health outcomes.

Our solutions have been implemented digitally, in-person and with a blended, combinational approach to ensure maximum diversity and inclusion of seldom heard communities.

  • Improve the health and wellbeing of your population
  • Engage your population with personalised, clinically-validated digital health solutions
  • Incentivise and maintain the wellbeing of your population with group challenges, meetups and coaching
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Our solutions provide medical and pharmaceutical companies a patient monitoring and real-world data collection tool which provides real-time insight into the health, behaviours and wellbeing of populations using your product or treatment.

  • Real-world data for your product or treatment
  • Provide your customers with a valuable service for using your drug or product
  • Engage your population better with personalised digital solutions with high usage and compliance
  • Enable clinicians to have the latest information


Our solutions make it easy to distribute personalised apps to patients, connect with and monitor them remotely, and ensure you have the health, engagement and real-world data to optimise which patients you see when.

  • Real-world data collection for your product, service or treatment
  • Enable researchers and clinicians to have the latest information locked to credentials
  • Engage your population with personalised digital health solutions
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