Not just striving to do good, but actually doing good

DDM is an award-winning SME who employ and understand the importance of social and ethical value to generate benefits for society and the economy whilst minimising damage to the environment. 

How we support local communities

We’re proud to empower people from all walks of life.

Digital skills and training

We provide a Digital Skills Academy that is provided free to young and older people across the UK.

Encourage employee empowerment

Our employees are our family and we trust them to carry forward our mission of promoting wellbeing.

Upskilling businesses and the community and voluntary sector

We provide general business, marketing and operational advice utilising our 11-years' experience of moving from a start-up to award-winning SME.

We believe in equal access for all

How we support local providers

Supporting local providers is central to our approach, focusing on collaboration through unifying systems, adapting to community feedback, and employing data-driven methods to enhance efficiency.

By engaging with diverse stakeholders and listening to local needs, we cultivate accessibility and long-term positive outcomes in our communities.

Unifying systems

A whole-systems approach takes collaboration. Our implementation takes a whole systems approach which involves co-ordinating and engaging diverse and varied stakeholders.

Listening to local communities

Our approach revolves around local, community-driven feedback and adaptations to ensure accessibility and long-term engagement which results in long-term health outcomes.

Improving efficiencies

Our data-driven approach is used to enhance and transform existing pathways, upskill stakeholders, and share knowledge and learnings.

Giving the gift of health

At DDM, we believe that health and wellness should not be confined to those who can afford it. 

Every employee has a personal allowance each year to gift someone free access to our app. Whether it's a friend struggling with weight loss, a family member in need of nutritional guidance, or a stranger whose life could change with our support, our employees can share the gift of wellness.

Empowering lives

Our commitment to health, environmental and social responsibility

We're a community-driven force for positive change. Discover how our dedication to health, social impact, and accountability is reshaping the way we think about wellness and community engagement.

We're obliged to act sustainably

DDM has a Carbon Reduction Plan certified by the Crown Commercial Service.

Holding ourselves accountable

We publish annual audits of our Social Value deliverables.

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