Health Inequalities Toolkit

Our Health Inequalities Toolkit supports stakeholders in minimising health inequalities, improving health equity and democratising access to digital health and care services.
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Ensure your service promotes equality and equity

Our toolkit provides tools and training to educate, inform and upskill teams on how to tackle health inequalities, improve health equity and ensure services are accessible for all.

Our Health Inequalities Toolkit provides:

Full End-to-End Support (Needs, Stakeholders, Reporting)

Tools (Assessments, Frameworks, Resources)

Training (Equality, Equity, Implementation)


Patient-centred care

Accessible services and pathways

Adherent to norms and expectations

Native language delivery

For health providers

Place-based (population) care

Equitable and inclusive services
Long-term engagement

Scalable population level approach

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Ensuring equality from the ground up

Did you know someone's neighbourhood, income and ethnicity make the biggest impact on whether they will access healthcare services and/or engage with them?
Our Health Inequalities Toolkit tackles the underlying causes of health inequality and promotes equity amongst communities using a ground-up approach.

Our Health Equality Toolkit has been used for over 5 years by 22 NHS partners and over 15,000 patients to ensure:





Our toolkit provides methods to support people regardless of need. This includes hearing and visual difficulities, learning challenges, people of different cultures, religions, faiths, non-English speakers and people who do not have access to the internet, also known as the digitally excluded.

Co-developed with service users and providers

Our Health Inequalities Toolkit has been developed with people using our services and the providers we work with 🎯

Service users

People using our services have highlighted the key pain points along the healthcare pathway. We've worked with them to plan, design, test, and validate pur inclusive, equitable approach.


Providers have highlighted specific challenge areas and KPIs. We've worked with them to develop full end-to-end pathways and services that reduce provider burden and facilitate self-service.

Health and care for every body

Our services democratise access to health and care. We provide services in 11 native languages which contributes to a market leading acceptance from ethnic minority communities.

What's more, our digital outcomes compared to traditional, face-to-face care at a fraction of traditional costs.

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