Long term behavioural change

Behavioural change

Our behavioural change services empower patients with the knowledge, skills and techniques to start and sustain healthy habits to manage their condition and optimise their health.

Resources for mental health and nutrition in the Gro Health app.

How it works

Our services have been developed with clinicians and patients to provide engaging, accessible and effective behavioural change. Use our existing behavioural change pathways or customise your own pathway based on patient demographic, health and behavioural data.

Precision behavioural change support

Provide patients with engaging and interactive activities and techniques tailored to their unique biology and preferences to start and sustain healthy behaviours.

Cutting edge behaviour change architecture

Experience the transformative power of our pioneering Behavioural Change Architecture, meticulously crafted based on the latest scientific research.

Customisable behavioural change pathways

Revolutionise your clinical practice with our state-of-the-art digital platform, designed to provide clinicians with the power to curate customisable behavioural change pathways.

Demonstrated impact

Service outcomes

Our behavioural change programs demonstrate cutting-edge activation, engagement and completion rates with clinically meaningful physical and emotional health improvements. 

Reduction in body weight
Reduction in depressive symptoms
Reduce or eliminate blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes medication
Reduction in symptoms of depressions of depression diabetes medication
Reduction in chronic and acute pain
Reduction in symptoms of stress
Reduction in symptoms of anxiety
Improvement in quality of life
Happy young man enjoying a healthy breakfast with a Gro wellness score of 86
“This offers an exciting opportunity for people living with obesity and other complications of obesity to have access to a peerless digital healthcare intervention to work alongside the traditional healthcare approach.”
Prof. Carel le Roux

Professor Carel le Roux MBChB, MSC, FRCP, FRCPath, PhD

King’s College Hospital

Changing patient behaviours in South London

DDM have delivered diabetes structured education and behavioural change programs on behalf of NHS South East and South West London ICB. Over 8 in 10 patients activated their referral with over 50% completing the program.

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