Gift of Health: Empowering Through Sharing

At DDM, we believe that health and wellness should not be confined to those who can afford it. It's a belief that goes beyond our business and resonates in our core values. That's why we have a special initiative that allows our employees to spread the gift of wellbeing through our renowned health app.

How the Gift of Health works

Every employee at DDM has a personal allowance each year to gift someone free access to our app. Whether it's a friend struggling with weight loss, a family member in need of nutritional guidance, or a stranger whose life could change with our support, our employees can share the gift of wellness.

Why we do it

Promote health equality

Everyone deserves access to tools that can make their lives healthier and happier.

Strengthen community bonds

By sharing, we not only enhance physical wellbeing but also nourish compassion and empathy within our community.

Encourage employee empowerment

Our employees are our family and we trust them to carry forward our mission of promoting wellbeing.

Join our mission of sharing

For media relations and press inquiries about this initiative or providers who wish to contribute to our Mission of Sharing.

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