The world’s largest and most active diabetes community, demonstrated to empower patients and improve self-confidence in managing diabetes.

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Diabetes.co.uk is an international platform which welcomes over 40 million unique visitors a year, with over 650,000 users from over 105 countries.

Who is it intended for?

For nearly 20 years, Diabetes.co.uk has provided a discussion platform and communication channel for patients with any type of diabetes and their carers.

Includes content and discussion forums for:

Type 1 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes

Parents of children with diabetes


Friends and family of people with diabetes

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What our users say

It's good to have space to discuss without judgment

Gro Health gave me the discipline and structure to meditate regularly and effectively; I've really enjoyed using this feature of the app, among its many others.

Sean J

Play Store Reviewer

This app is one of the most used on my phone, it connects in with my watch and has helped me lose 9kg in 4 weeks


Play Store Reviewer

The sleep meditations have been very useful to help me fall asleep and I'm now sleeping through the night without waking up like I used to. Recommended 💯

Minpreet Kaur

Play Store Reviewer

My anxiety has reduced so much and I feel more optimistic about life.


App Store Review

Having very little help from my doctor I was left to research for myself which can leave you confused. This app is very easy to use, full of the relevant information you need and tailored to you.


App Store Reviewer

This is a great app for people who want to have data on their health and education to improve every aspect of their life.

Esso A

Play Store Reviewer

I've been checking my wellness score daily - it's a really cool way to see how I feel.

Mark H

Play Store Reviewer

Since downloading and using the app daily I’m feeling healthier and even sleeping better.. highly highly recommend


App Store Reviewer

I've been checking my wellness score daily - it's a really cool way to see how I feel.

Mark H

Play Store Reviewer


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