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Clinical monitoring

How it works

Clinical review

Our healthcare professional team uses remote monitoring to aggregate and review patient data. 

Clinical prioritisation

The clinical review will identify early signs of health deterioration and provide a red, amber or green rating.

Clinical follow-up

Patients and/or carers are contacted by the clinical team where they are advised or escalated as required. 

Powerful clinical support network

Expert clinical team at your fingertips

Gro's multi-disciplinary clinical team consists of seasoned professionals with extensive NHS experience, ready to help you manage and monitor patients effectively. Our experts are fully trained and highly skilled in using Gro's remote monitoring technology.

Proactive patient monitoring, identifying early signs of deterioration

Timely follow-up with patients or carers upon red or amber risk levels, ensuring effective care.

Comprehensive support for virtual ward patients, including weekend monitoring and remote health management.

Video call with a Gro coach on an iPhone
Monitor your patients with ease

Efficient remote patient monitoring with Gro

Utilise Gro's state-of-the-art remote monitoring technology to keep a watchful eye on your patients, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Real-time access to patient data, enabling prompt interventions when needed.

User-friendly platform, designed for easy adoption by clinicians and patients alike.

Secure data storage and transmission, safeguarding patient privacy and confidentiality.

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