Technology Enabled Care (TECS)

Technology Enabled Care (TECS)

Technology Enabled Care Services (or TECS) encompasses telehealth, telecare, telemedicine, telecoaching, and apps to deliver accessible and cost-effective care for patients with long-term conditions.

Evidence shows that there are many TECS designed to support patients.

Most innovation has focused on people with long-term conditions through providing more accessible and convenient care.

What are Technology Enabled Care Services?

TECS encompasses:

Telehealth: Electronic information and technologies to support long-distance clinical care, patient and professional health-related education such as videoconferencing and streaming media.

Telecare: Telecare systems which enable individuals to live independently by providing remote monitoring of their health and safety via sensors and other equipment. Often used with elderly people or those with disabilities.

Telecare is synonmous with remote patient monitoring (RPM) which involves the use of digital technologies to monitor patients' health and vital signs remotely. RPM allows healthcare providers to continuously monitor health data for patients with chronic conditions or post-hospitalisation leading to more timely interventions and adjustments in treatment plans.

Telemedicine: Typically refers to remote clinical services such as diagnosis and monitoring through telecommunications technology.

Telecoaching: Technology to provide behavioural change guidance and support in health areas. Often used to help patients manage their conditions and treatment effectively.

Virtual health assistants are an example of telecoaching where support and health information is given to to patients helping to manage everyday health needs and answering queries related to medical conditions.

Self-care apps: Mobile and web platforms/applications that help people manage their health and wellness. There are a range of health apps offering tools for tracking health, providing health engagement and education, behavioural change support, or connecting with healthcare professionals.

Digital therapeutics: Evidence-based therapeutic interventions which are effectively digitally-delivered software programs (digital health apps and platforms) which may be augmented with virtual care to prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or disease.

Digital therapeutics can be used independently or alongside medications, devices, or other therapies to optimise patient care and outcomes.

The intention is that TECS enhances patient outcomes by making healthcare more tailored and responsive to individual needs.

TECS not only provide supportive healthcare remotely but an ecosystem where healthcare is accessible, personalised and optimised to serve the needs of each and every individual for better patient engagement and outcomes.

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