Gro Health and Maidstone Borough Council supporting weight management for military personnel

Gro Health and Maidstone Borough Council supporting weight management for military personnel

Military personnel were showcased DDM's Gro Health app to support a healthy weight at an event that took place on Tuesday, 11 July.

In partnership with Maidstone Borough Council, the on-site team of enthusiastic DDM representatives were readily available to answer any and all questions thrown their way.

With a trove of leaflets, flyers, and posters distributed, the spotlight was put on Gro Health's scientifically-backed approach to weight management and overall health.

The main attraction of the Gro Health stall was the chance to personally assess eligibility and make referrals to the program. The facility proved to be an informative and engaging segment that underscored the team's commitment to making personalised health accessible for all.

The military personnel in attendance showed a keen interest in the digital technology on offer. This was indicative of a broader trend within the military community, where digital health apps are seen as pivotal tools in managing and maintaining optimal health amidst demanding schedules.

While Gro Health is being provided to support weight management, the app also supports men with male-specific stream developed with military GPs including topics such as bulking, mental health, and the andropause. The app also provides personalised support for women covering topics such as the menopause.

Over the course of the event, attendees displayed an impressive appetite for exploring how they could integrate Gro Health into their daily lives. It served as a testament to the increased desire for digital tools that can support a healthier lifestyle within the military community.

"We had a fantastic day. People love digital apps and showed an incredible enthusiasm for Gro" said Suki Zayer, DDM representative.

"We look forward to continuing our work in Maidstone."

Residents in Maidstone can assess their eligiblity for the service here.

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