Professor Grant Brinkworth to join DDM from 2023 supported by REDI Fellowship

Professor Grant Brinkworth to join DDM from 2023 supported by REDI Fellowship

DDM Health is delighted to announce that Professor Grant Brinkworth will be joining the team in 2023.

Professor Brinkworth has a PhD in Nutrition and Exercise Science and has over 20 years' experience leading large-scale clinical trials and multidisciplinary research teams evaluating the effects of diets, foods, exercise therapies, digital technologies, and lifestyle interventions on human health, and physical and mental performance and function in healthy and clinical populations.

Professor Brinkworth will cultivate knowledge and skills in the development, translation, and commercialisation of evidence-based digital health technology, with a focus on using AI-powered algorithms to identify and inform personalised strategies for disease management using precision health approaches.

Professor Brinkworth will work with DDM’s multi-award winning team to localize and launch its cardiometabolic behavior change and precision health tool, Gro Health, into the Australian market.

Professor Brinkworth and 15 other highly skilled Australian researchers, clinicians and professionals from the medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector have secured sought-after industry placements under the REDI (Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry) Fellowship program.

Arjun Panesar, founding CEO of DDM Health said "We are thrilled to be awarded this fellowship opportunity. Professor Brinkworth is a world renowned expert in the field of nutrition and behaviour change, and together, we are looking forward to supporting Australians nationally with our localised Gro Health platform in 2023."

Professor Brinkworth says “I am hugely excited to be awarded a Research Exchange and Development within Industry Fellowship Award to work with DDM Health, a world leader in digital healthcare to translate and disseminate evidence-based, precision healthcare solutions to help Australians and health care providers better manage chronic disease.”

The REDI Fellowship program provides financial support to Australian, international and/or multinational medical technology and pharmaceutical companies to bring the best Australian talent in-house to work on priority research projects. It is helping Australian researchers, clinicians and MTP professionals gain real world experience and skills by being deployed into industry settings.

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