Integrated Care System for Devon Invests in Workforce Wellbeing with Gro Health

Integrated Care System for Devon Invests in Workforce Wellbeing with Gro Health

To bolster the great work that is already going on across the county to support staff, One Devon, the (Integrated Care System for Devon) is making further wellbeing support available through a new initiative developed and delivered by the multi-award-winning provider DDM Health.

The bespoke program will empower staff to support themselves and their colleagues address current challenges, promoting resilience and mental wellbeing.

The new program will create a network of empowered colleagues to help themselves and colleagues navigate the current challenges, promote wellbeing and to increase resilience across the staff network.

The bespoke 10-week program is free to staff members from across the 15 employers across One Devon with on-demand and live group sessions running until Spring 2023.

Participants will focus on areas including: applying Psychological First Aid (PFA) at work, identifying burnout and stress in colleagues, and understanding trauma and its impact within the context of Covid.

The program will give staff the skills and confidence to have sensitive conversations and support colleagues with their wellbeing.

Clinical psychologist and DDM's curriculum development lead, Dr Hannah Jerome, has said: “Our hope for the staff taking part in the programme is that it will equip them to understand and protect their own wellbeing. In addition, it will give them the tools torecognise when colleagues are struggling and assist them appropriately with compassion and care.”

Jo Cheffey, Lead Clinical Psychologist in the Devon Wellbeing Hub, said: “We have lived alongside the pandemic now for more than two years and NHS and care staff have repeatedly been asked to step up, work harder, go the extra mile and work in very challenging and demanding circumstances. Putting patients first and prioritising the care of others underpins the work of all NHS and care staff and this has been alongside managing their own COVID related fears, worries and losses. Over time the likelihood of staff stress, burnout and mental health problems increases, and it is important that the wellbeing of staff continues to be prioritised. This offer from DDM focuses on helping to understand the psychological impact of the pandemic on yourself and others, along with strategies to cope and manage this stress.”

Users will also access the #1 Orcha-rated Gro Health app, a digital health engagement program which provides personalised self-management and behaviour change support across the four key pillars of health: Mental Wellbeing, Sleep, Nutrition and Activity.

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