Diabetes Digital Media and The Sun team up to tackle type 2 diabetes

Diabetes Digital Media and The Sun team up to tackle type 2 diabetes

Diabetes Digital Media has teamed with UK newspaper The Sun to highlight the life-changing benefits of the award-winning Low Carb Program. This week the Low Carb Program’s experts will be shedding light on the physiology behind low carb eating and how it can help with weight loss as well as preventing type 2 diabetes or putting the condition into remission.

The Low Carb Program is the world’s leading platform supporting scalable type 2 diabetes remission and has collected a slew of awards since its launch on World Diabetes Day in 2015. The one-year outcomes published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Medical Internet Research last year revealed on average that one in four users who complete the program achieve type 2 diabetes remission, 39% reduce their HbA1c below the type 2 diabetes threshold and 40% eliminate one or more diabetes medication [1].

Throughout the week, The Sun will feature Low Carb Program experts including Dr David Unwin, who helped to develop the NHS-approved Low Carb Program app, with tips and life-changing advice on how to break unhealthy habits and transform your health.

Charlotte Summers, Chief Operating Officer of Diabetes Digital Media, said:

“The Low Carb Program has been empowering people to achieve type 2 diabetes remission for over three years. We are proud to work with The Sun to show how type 2 diabetes does not have to be a chronic or progressive disease.”

The Low Carb Program is available on iOS, Android, Apple and Android Watch, the web and Alexa.


[1] JMIR Diabetes. 2018. JD - Outcomes of a Digitally Delivered Low-Carbohydrate Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management Program: 1-Year Results of a Single-Arm Longitudinal Study | Saslow | JMIR Diabetes. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 22 August 2019].

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