COVID-19 Apps Formulary ranks Low Carb Program highest under diabetes category

COVID-19 Apps Formulary ranks Low Carb Program highest under diabetes category

As the number of confirmed cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to rise across the globe and governments ask people to stay at home, digital health resources offer practical tools that can be called upon for remote self-management.To help healthcare professionals and consumers know which health apps they can trust, the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA) has launched a health app formulary. ORCHA measures the health of health apps and verifies the accuracy, security, and risks associated with their use.The free resource includes reviews of health apps across a range of health conditions relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic and enables direct recommendation of solutions to patients and service users.The health app formulary, launched today, features both Low Carb Program and Diabetes Forum App.

Low Carb Program

Low Carb Program received a 91% rating, listing highest under the category of diabetes. The platform features a COVID19 Education Series which tackles common concerns and queries regarding coronavirus.In addition, a Classes area was launched last month which provides pre-recorded and live coach-led fitness, yoga and mindfulness classes to support people staying well at home. Over 100,000 people started a class in March.

Diabetes Forum

Diabetes Forum App provides a social support community for people with diabetes and was also listed in the COVID-19 Health Apps Formulary, recognised for enabling people to find support and keep connected remotely.The COVID-19 Health App Formulary can be found at:

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