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NHS North Kilburn Primary Care Network

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NHS North Kilburn Primary Care Network

Project focus

Pediatric wellbeing


Support local families with wellbeing education and tools

NHS North Kilburn Primary Care Network, as part of the North West London Collaboration of Commissioning Groups, had a defined objective of reducing prevalence of obesity within the borough of Brent with the intention of reducing pressures on NHS primary and secondary systems. Brent was named the ‘fattest borough’ in London in 2016 and childhood obesity is now a national and regional priority. 

The aim of the initiative was to get children and their families moving more and engage in healthy eating habits, using the Gro Health platform to support the maintenance of healthy habits. 

“The children explored activities with immense enthusiasm, comparing foods and learning how to make healthy choices in their diet as well as learning about the importance of their mental wellbeing through mindfulness and yoga. They absolutely loved it!” - Headteacher, Mulberry House School

A six-school face-to-face and digitally delivered programme was co-developed by a leading team of behavioural change and clinical experts to provide holistic health support and maintenance of healthy habits across the four therapeutic areas of activity, mental wellbeing, nutrition and sleep. Children were invited to take part in a range of activities and were supported with the Gro Health multi-platform app at home and in-between physical sessions. 

Mulberry House School is one of six schools benefitting program the program in North London funded by NHS North Kilburn Primary Care Network (PCN). 


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