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The Insurance Surgery - Employee Wellness

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The Insurance Surgery

Project focus

Employee and customer wellbeing


Provide employees and customers with clinically-proven health programmes

The Insurance Surgery specialises in providing cover for those with pre-existing medical conditions and high-risk occupations. It is important to them that they can provide a free offer to every customer, regardless of which insurer they are placed with.

Gro Health is provided to all insurance customers as a way of improving wellbeing and leading a healthie life, which in turn could lead to cheaper or more comprehensive cover options becoming available to them. 

Not only that, but The Insurance Surgery have also provided the Gro Health platform to all of their on- and off-site employees to improve staff happiness, wellness and satisfaction.

"We know insurers offer different value-added propositions across the board, but sometimes these aren't available to customers for one reason or another. We wanted to offer something uniform to every customer and relevant to our demographic, no matter what insurer we place them with, and the Gro Health application was the perfect solution to that." - Andy Mellor, The Insurance Surgery managing director

 "The Gro Health features complement that ethos and culture perfectly, plus it will allow our advisors to discuss the abilities of the application genuinely with customers if they have had first-hand experience”.


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