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NHS South East London ICB - Type 2 Diabetes Structured Education

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NHS South East London Integrated Care Board

Project focus

Type 2 diabetes structured education


Empower residents with type 2 diabetes in South East and South West London with structured education and weight loss support

Type 2 diabetes is a leading cause of premature mortality in the UK, causing over 22,000 additional deaths every year. The condition doubles an individual’s risk of cardiovascular disease and costs over £10 billion every year to manage. In South London alone, there are currently 159,819 people identified as having either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

DDM was appointed to provide Type 2 Diabetes Structured Education for adults with type 2 diabetes in South East and South West London which began in July 2021 during the COVID lockdown.

Prospective patients are referred to the Low Carb Program by the local Diabetes Book and Learn Team who book patients online or pass them through to a dedicated Low Carb Program customer services careline. 

Patients are enrolled into the Low Carb Program and receive content through their preferred delivery mode. Patients in South London can choose from receiving content in 10 languages to ensure that people from across London can access and engage with the platform. 

The Low Carb Program provides an NHS certified Type 2 Diabetes Structured Education programme alongside a weight loss programme for people with a high BMI. The Low Carb Program is QISMET approved as a Diabetes Structured Education Tool (QIS2015 and DSME), delivered in accordance to NICE Guidance (NG28, QS6) in compliance with Clinical Safety DSCN 14/2009, DCB0129 and DCB0160 and MHRA-regulated as a CE-marked Class I Medical Device

Real-world data collected after 12 months demonstrates: 

  • 83% activation from referral 
  • 49% of participants request an offline pack 
  • 60% of participants are non-Caucasian and list English as a second language
  • 73% of participants complete the intervention
  • Improvements in reported HbA1c (-6.9mmol/mol reduction) and weight loss (6.2% body weight loss)

Continuous improvement is built into the project, with a focus on diversity and inclusion. Usage and engagement data is being used to listen to seldom-heard communities and empower growing communities in South London with content in their own language to best enable patient-centered care. 

The project led to the Low Carb Program’s outcomes being showcased to NHS England.

Patient feedback: (consent received)

I would say that the Low Carb Program has proved to be a complete success. Over three months my blood glucose HbA1c level is back to a normative level. The follow up telephone discussions have been a great help and support. Thank you to you and your colleagues.
- Christopher A

“My health has improved by cutting out refined sugar and keeping my meals low carb. Everything on the program has helped with that. The weekly sessions, in particular, have kept up the momentum, so you don’t lose track of what you’re meant to be doing.”
- Tanya S

“I found the weekly group sessions very useful. When you are trying to lose weight and feel like you are not making progress on certain weeks, you get encouragement from the health coaches and fellow members.”
– Karthik S

“I still eat the things I like but I’m just more mindful of what I’m doing and I’ve just cut down on my carbs. I went for a blood test the other day and my HbA1c has gone down from 7.2% to 6.5%. I’ve also gone from 107kg to 91kg in 5 months”
– Maxine K

"Just a note to add that I have successfully maintained my blood glucose level and weight loss (17kg) over more than 12 months now."
- Albertos F

Chris Gumble Long Term Conditions & Prevention Project Manager at NHS South West London ICB said: “Since July 2021, The Low Carb Program has been available to the population of South London via the Diabetes Book and Learn service. The initial results are fantastic and local people have benefited greatly since attending the program.”

“Evidencing great participation rates, weight loss stats and HbA1C reductions, the program is providing a great service to all who take part.”


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