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NHS North Arden Primary Care Network

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NHS North Arden Primary Care Network

Project focus

Population health


Develop an obesity register and provide prediabetes education for at-risk patients

North Arden PCN implemented the Gro Health platform to support their.primary objective of creating an obesity register for the local area. A secondary objective to provide self-management support for patients at risk of prediabetes or type 2 diabetes was requested.

The platform was implemented at scale through primary care. We worked with North Arden PCN to develop a bespoke landing page and referral materials. Patients were referred to the program through a multitude of channels including AccuRx, SMS, and social media and completed an initial assessment via a dedicated landing page and/or freephone patient support. Digitally excluded patients were supported with a physical pack and DVD, and coaching by telephone. 

Initial results demonstrate a high sign-up rate with all referred participants signing up (100%) and a high engagement rate at follow-up (85%). At 4-week follow up, 91% of participants reported weight loss.


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