Supporting healthy children, young people and families

Our Children and Young People’s Health and Mental Wellbeing Program provides the guidance, behavioural support, resources and on-demand coaching to support healthy young people and families.

Build a positive lifestyle

Help young people learn good habits

With interactive content, educational resources, and personalised support, you'll learn everything you need to know to help your child thrive.

Encourage healthy eating

Sustain a healthy lifestyle with education modules, cook-a-longs, tailored recipes and meal plans to support healthier family food choices.

Support physical activity

Self-paced, easy-to-follow on-demand and live exercise classes to support family exercise.

Enhance psychological wellbeing

Boost self-esteem and empower young people by providing valuable information and life skills, promoting a positive sense of self.

Build a positive lifestyle

Who is this for?

With interactive content, educational resources, and personalised support, you'll learn everything you need to know to help your child thrive.


Aged 3-8

Young people

Aged 9 - 12


Aged 13 - 17


Ages 18+

Education and activities for children and teens in the Gro Health app
Family Friendly

Enjoyable activities for the whole family

Unlimited access to a library of tools and resources to support better nutrition, sleep, activity and mental wellbeing.

Interactive education modules covering a wide range of topics related to children's health

Immersive activities to keep your child engaged and learning

Personalised support from our team of experts always on hand to provide guidance

Multi-platform app

Work around your lifestyle

Our program is designed with busy parents and caregivers in mind, so you can fit it into your schedule and get results. Get the app across platforms.


Mobile devices

Smart speakers (Alexa-enabled)

Smart TVs (Google Cast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire)

Wearable devices

Explore the app

The leading family health and wellbeing solution

Unlock a world of personalised health programs with Gro.

Fun and engaging

Interactive and educational content that is specifically designed to engage, educate and entertain children and young people.

Personalised experience

Immerse yourself in a personalised learning experience, tailoring content and resources to the needs of each individual child and family member.

Interactive and hands-on

The program includes fun and interactive activities that help kids to understand and retain important information.

A fun 360 degree immersive activity in the Gro Health app

Parental involvement

Parents and guardians have their own app access and receive classes, resources and support to help support their childrens’ health.

Expert-led content

Enjoy daily expert guides tailored to your interests and goals.

Available anywhere

Gro is available online and accessible from any device, making it easy for kids to take part no matter where they are.

Mother and daughter viewing Gro's education together on a smart phone
Built for young people

Developed with children and young people

Our program has been co-developed with over 800 children, young people and their families to ensure no-one is isolated and behavioural change can be a fun, family activity.

Inspiring the next generation

Developing young people with face-to-face workshops

Our specialist, multidisciplinary program is delivered digitally and face-to-face in the community and can be adapted for the local community

Young school children enjoying a Gro Health workshop

Look what you could achieve 🎯

Published research shows Gro supports improvements in health and wellbeing after just 12 weeks

23% reduction in symptoms of stress

32% reduction in symptoms of anxiety

33% reduction in depressive symptoms

8% improvement in quality of life

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