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Type 2 diabetes management and remission

Our NHS trusted education and behavioural change program has supported over 470,000 people with type 2 diabetes to self-manage their health and even achieve remission.

Reach your management goals

Reaching your diabetes management goals has never been easier

Take control of your blood glucose control with our evidence-based program and expert support.

Eat delicious food

Choose a dietary approach and receive education and advice on how to achieve better blood glucose control and a healthy weight supported by tailored recipes and meal plans.

Get more active

Move more and more often with our on-demand and live exercise classes tailored to your fitness level.

Improve psychological wellbeing

Use on-demand behavioural change techniques to manage stress and improve mental fitness.

Hit your diabetes management goals 🎯

Published research shows Gro supports short- and long-term improvements in health and wellbeing for people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

6.5% average weight loss at 1 year

54% reduce or eliminate medication

1 in 4 people achieve type 2 diabetes remission

18% improvement in acute and chronic pain

"I had triple coronary heart by-pass surgery in 2007 and have, more recently, had a pacemaker fitted. After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1997, I am currently in remission"
Gro Member David


Gro Health Member

Gro Health app showing a selection of recipes, including recommendations for breakfast lunch and dinner.
Food is medicine

Diets don't work, but lifestyles do

Choose a nutritional approach that fits with your lifestyle and is proven by science to work.

Choose from a range of eating approaches

Enjoy thousands of recipes and save them to your food diary

Understand your unique biology and transform your health

You never walk alone

Speak to diabetes specialists

Our team of diabetes specialists is available to help you navigate the challenges of living with diabetes. Get personalised advice and support from certified diabetes educators, registered dietitians, and other experts.

Group coaching

Join groups to share tips with other members or chat with people that have similar goals.

One-to-one coaching

Got a question or need help? Our health coaches are here to help, 24/7.

Screenshots from the Gro app showing in-app messaging with coaches and community forum.
Developed by clinical experts

Get all the tools you need to succeed

Welcome a healthier, happier you with our comprehensive approach to health and wellness.

NICE aligned type 2 diabetes structured education and behavioural change program

Recipe library of 2,000+ recipes personalised to fit your individual goals, time, budget dietary preferences, and allergies

Food diary with over 1,000,000 foods, barcode scanner and AI plate recognition

Sync your Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin and more for real-time health tracking

Gro for Type 2 Diabetes ⭐️

A snippet from our award-winning, NHS-trusted type 2 diabetes program, demonstrated to support weight loss, improvements in HbA1c and medication reduction.

Type 2 diabetes remission 💪

Type 2 diabetes remission, or reversal, is an achievable goal for many people with type 2 diabetes and up-to 60% of users with type 2 diabetes report remission at 1-year.

Real people, real remission 🏆

Hear from people who have achieved weight loss, improvements in HbA1c, reduced medications and achieved type 2 diabetes remission and reversal.

On-demand and live workouts 🧘

Browse our regularly updated library of exercise, yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong available on demand and join weekly live workouts, all tailored to your fitness.

Endless recipe inspiration 😋

Food is medicine. Browse personalised meal plans and our on-board recipes library of over 2,000 recipe ideas which you can tailor to your preferences.

Empower your decisions 🙌

Get your daily Wellness Score to receive insights on your health and behaviours and use them to empower your decisions.
Explore the app

The leading app for Type 2 Diabetes

There's a reason Gro is rated the #1 health app

Personalised health program

Evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle change program supported with thousands of recipes, meal plans and daily lifestyle advice.

Holistic approach

Focus on getting active, eating a healthier diet, improving sleep hygiene, and building mental resilience.

24/7 support

Speak to Health Coaches with experience supporting people with Type 2 Diabetes to keep you on-track and motivated.

Gro App home screen showing a Wellness Score of 86

Food diary & tracking

Our app includes a food diary with barcode scanner and AI plate recognition, as well as health tracking for biomarkers like weight or blood sugar.

Over 2,000 recipes

Enjoy a variety of low-carb, healthy recipes tailored to your goals, dietary preferences, and allergies.

Available anywhere

Our type 2 diabetes program is available in 19 languages on the web, mobile, smart devices, and offline.

Delicious & diverse

Meal times just got a whole lot more exciting! Boasting an impressive collection of over 2,000 recipes, there's something for everyone, no matter your taste preferences or dietary restrictions.

Members love it

Recommend by thousands of people

Gro Health gave me the discipline and structure to meditate regularly and effectively; I've really enjoyed using this feature of the app, among its many others.

Sean J

Play Store Reviewer

This app is one of the most used on my phone, it connects in with my watch and has helped me lose 9kg in 4 weeks


Play Store Reviewer

The sleep meditations have been very useful to help me fall asleep and I'm now sleeping through the night without waking up like I used to. Recommended 💯

Minpreet Kaur

Play Store Reviewer

My anxiety has reduced so much and I feel more optimistic about life.


App Store Review

Having very little help from my doctor I was left to research for myself which can leave you confused. This app is very easy to use, full of the relevant information you need and tailored to you.


App Store Reviewer

This is a great app for people who want to have data on their health and education to improve every aspect of their life.

Esso A

Play Store Reviewer

I've been checking my wellness score daily - it's a really cool way to see how I feel.

Mark H

Play Store Reviewer

Since downloading and using the app daily I’m feeling healthier and even sleeping better.. highly highly recommend


App Store Reviewer

I've been checking my wellness score daily - it's a really cool way to see how I feel.

Mark H

Play Store Reviewer


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