University of Warwick
Salary: £40,000.00 /year

Are you passionate about creating engaging content?
Diabetes Digital Media (DDM)
operate, the world’s most active and engaged diabetes community, and
provides digital health interventions with clinically validated, peer reviewed outcomes.
Our AI-led digital health interventions are changing the lives of millions of people. We’re
starting by putting as many of the 375m cases of type 2 diabetes into remission as we
can, with our Low Carb Program.
Our evidence-based digital health interventions, like the Low Carb Program, have been
featured in the New Scientist, The Times, Daily Mail, Sky News and BBC with thousands
of people placing their type 2 diabetes into remission. The Low Carb Program is
grounded in behaviour change psychology and our peer reviewed health outcomes have
shown impressive results. 1 in 4 members are able to put their type 2 diabetes into
remission whilst 60% are also able to reduce or eliminate insulin and 40% are able to
eliminate one or more medications, saving £1.2 million per year in medication
Why is this significant?
Because type 2 diabetes was once thought of as a disease that is chronic and
progressive – but it is not, and by demonstrating that, we are changing the future of
medicine. We’ve already saved the NHS £6.9m in medication savings in just a year. It’s
growing at a rapid pace, with over 370,000 people already on the Low Carb Program.
We receive over 45m visitors to our platforms a year and we’ve got over 700,000
members – that’s more than 10% of people living with diabetes in the UK. The impact is
We are hiring: Senior IOS Developer
Start date: This role has become available with the wide expansion of the business and
starts as soon as possible.
We anticipate the key elements of this role to be:
 Working on different layers of the iOS apps, helping architect and maintain our
set of native mobile applications
 Design and implement features for iOS apps
 Ship quality software quickly and frequently
 Partner closely with our design and product team to architect a gorgeous application flows seamlessly and works intuitively with our users

 Building applications in memory- and network-constrained scenarios
 Influence every aspect of the iOS development process from API creation,
design, and product
 Own important pieces of the product that has high visibility both internally and
 Envision new products and features that are inspired, considered, and magical
 Participate in the full SDLC (Agile), including meetings, iterative development,
estimations and design sessions.
For this role you must have:
 Bachelor’s degree or 3 or more years of work experience.
 5 or more years of relevant work experience.
 At least 2 years’ worth of experience with front-end iOS development, back-end
web services, and server management.
 Experience in iOS technologies, and REST API applications.

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