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Salary: £23,000.00 /year

If defending IT infrastructure and networks, hacking sites on behalf of DDM or combating cyber-crimes appeals to you, then starting a career in cyber security could be for you.

We are looking for: Cyber Security Analyst

You’ll have the opportunity to get first-hand experience of how we manage the risks that cyber threats pose to our organisation. You could be working in:

  • Cyber Security Services – protect against and detect security events
  • Operations – identify and resolve issues, develop recovery plans
  • Business Partnering – make projects secure and the business successful
  • Technology Risk – manage risks and control assurance
  • Threat – prevent attacks through effective use of intelligence
  • Performance – define strategy and report security performance

What you’ll do

You will be working in an operational team and will be expected to deliver successful outcomes that are achievable over your tenure with us. For instance, you could:

  • Analyse and assess potential security risks
  • Develop plans to deal with security incidents by putting measures in place
  • Prepare technical reports to support our strategy
  • Carry out tests on a system to expose weaknesses in security
  • Keep detailed records of investigations
  • Report on your findings to inform decisions about whether upgrades or remediation are required

What’s in it for you

You will be working at the heart of a team protecting some of the UK’s most active digital health services from cyber-crime. Our Security team continue to evolve to provide services that keep our people and assets safe, as the Security threats facing DDM continually change and increase in sophistication and persistence.

This role will provide real-time experience of cyber security management within the organisation and provide an ideal introduction to a career in Cyber Security

We will also build to CREST or SANS Certifications if you don’t have them already.

Who we are

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