In response to COVID-19 restrictions, Low Carb Program launched virtual meetups in May 2020 – and the feedback has been fantastic!

Virtual meetups take place weekly, conducted over teleconferencing software and allow members to stay connected and find support.

Over 120 people have taken part in a meetup, with feedback from users demonstrating:

  • 100% of participants were satisfied with the meetup
  • 100% of participants would recommend the meetup to others
  • 9 in 10 participants would recommend Low Carb Program to a friend

Feedback from sessions includes:

  • “I lost 4 stone and got rid of my type 2 diabetes in 3 months”
  • “Being part of the forum and having that accountability has really helped”
  • “I love take-aways and I love meat so I when I get an Indian I have the mixed grill but stay off the naan”

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