Outcomes of the Low Carb Program featured in Diabetes Canada’s review of low carbohydrate diets, entitled “Low Carbohydrate Diets for Adults with Diabetes: A Rapid Review”.

The review of the latest evidence concluded that for people living with type 2 diabetes “a low-CHO diet may be effective for weight loss and improved glycemic control with a reduction in need for antihyperglycemic therapies. Other comparator dietary approaches may also be effective for weight loss and improved glycemic control, but have not achieved this while also reducing the need for antihyperglycemic therapies, which is a meaningful outcome.”

The review suggested “that very low-CHO diets may be superior to comparator (higher-CHO) diets for improving glycemic control, body weight and can reduce the need for medications in the short term (up to 12 months), but evidence regarding longer-term benefits is limited.”

The statement highlighted several limitations, citing not being able to differentiate whether success of very low-CHO diets (on weight loss and A1C) are specific to the macronutrient composition or associated differences in calorie intake and methodological limitations that exist in the published literature to date.

The approach was supported by Diabetes Canada, with Seema Nagpal, Vice-President of Science & Policy stating “We believe that people with diabetes should have the best information available to guide their choices about diabetes management.”