Low Carb Program helps users improve their diet quality and diabetes control, says British Dietetic Association

5th July 2019

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) has published a review supporting Diabetes Digital Media’s (DDM) NHS-approved Low Carb Program app for helping users improve their diet quality and diabetes control.

Paula Gibson, Specialist Diabetes Dietitian at Solihull Community Diabetes Service wrote the review, entitled ‘Review of the NHS Low Carb Program App A Diabetes Dietitian’s Perspective’, on behalf of the BDA Diabetes Specialist Group.

Ms Gibson wrote: “There is much to like about this program. Following the program will support individuals to improve the quality of their diet, lose weight and likely improve their diabetes control.”

Commenting on the review, DDM said: “The Low Carb Program is scalable, engaging and effective – and it is being used globally by health agencies, governments and individuals. It’s encouraging to see that the BDA also recognises the benefits of the Low Carb Program.”

The Low Carb Program was released on World Diabetes Day in 2015 and is now used by over 415,000 people. Peer-reviewed, published health outcomes demonstrate patients with type 2 diabetes who complete the programme sustainably lose an average of 7.4kg at one-year and reduce HbA1c by 1.2%. Four in 10 people eliminate at least one medication and one in four people are classified as being in type 2 diabetes remission

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