Diabetes Digital Media’s (DDM) award-winning Low Carb Program and Arjun Panesar, DDM CEO and head of AI, have been announced as part of the NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) fellowship.

The NIA is a key initiative for helping the NHS drive forward pioneering ideas which were highlighted in January’s NHS Long Term Plan. Professor Stephen Powis Chair of the NHS Innovation Accelerator Programme Board National Medical Director, NHS England said: “Not only are we seeing the benefits for NHS patients and staff, the work of our Fellows is increasingly spreading across the globe, with 21 innovations now deployed internationally. This is a true testament to the essential work of the NIA and its Fellows, and the strength of its national partnership.”

Over 395,000 people have signed up the Low Carb Program since its launch in 2015. Earlier this year the Low Carb Program was approved into the NHS apps library.

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